For OCR Latin GCSE (A401 & A402),there are two so-called 'tiers' of difficulty: Foundation and Higher. I have split the vocabulary needed for each level onto separate pages: click on the link below for the page you need - or use the menu on the left. 

New Vocabulary for Foundation Tier - click here 

Additional Vocabulary for Higher Tier - click here

N.B. Rather than repeat the whole syllabus (already largely covered on previous pages) I have only displayed the additional words newly required for this level of your progress with the subject. I hope you won't mind looking back through the pages for Common Entrance to revise the words you have already met!

As well as the Vir Drinks Beer prompts, I have often provided more explanation about the usage of the word, or its connection with its English derivatives. I hope you will find some of this interesting, especially if you are becoming more inclined to want to understand how language develops.

Those of you who have previously followed a more 'traditional' course-book (as opposed to one that simply concentrated on drumming into you only those words you actually had to know for Common Entrance!) will find that a great many of these 'new' words are already familiar. There is a lot to be said for including 'extra' vocabulary at earlier stages - I for one am still a huge fan of R.O. Marshall's 'Disce Latinum' series for this very reason! Maybe you will now appreciate, after all, all those 'unnecessary' words you were told to learn in your earlier years!