Please see below to read an important message about FONTS.

Are you seeing this site as it is meant to look?

I have just acquired a new laptop. When I looked up this website on the new machine, I was horrified at how differently the text on the pages looked compared with how I intended - and with how it used to look on my old PC. I soon realised the reason: several of the fonts I had used to construct it weren't installed on the new machine.

You also may not be seeing the site to its full advantage!

On some pages this doesn't much matter, but there are some where the different scale of the fonts - with which some machines may replace missing fonts (as a sort of default) - makes things look much too big; or, worse, destroys the layout of charts and paragraphs.

If you wish to view the pages as they were intended to appear, I would urge you to check whether you have the following key fonts installed on your PC (there are others I have used, but they don't make quite so much difference).

I have inserted a photo snapshot of each font in all its glory if you want to compare - and see if your PC is displaying it correctly! The type-face title in green should match the snapshot of the script in the box below it.

The important ones are:

Book Antiqua

Felix Titling

Monotype Corsiva

Calligraph421 BT




There are quite a number of websites available on the net where you can download fonts free-of-charge (it is even easier to do it by 'copying & pasting' from the fonts list of one machine to another). One of the easiest-to-use sites (free) is www.freefontsdb.com where you can download a batch in one go: this site has all of the above (as far as I can see) except Monotype Corsiva (watch this space!)

This may not be the only website where you will notice a big improvement if you do have them installed…!