The pages in this section of the site aim to provide grammar charts, information and practice for the harder constructions you will need to be able to cope with for GCSE.

Most of these topics are also required for Public School Junior Scholarships (including the Common Academic Scholarship itself): they should be read in tandem with the vocabulary prescription available elsewhere on the site.

Follow the links below to find information on the particular topics you want to practise - or click on the menu on the left.

Time Expressions

Motion & Position

Adverbs (& Comparison)

Relative Clauses

   Participles (General uses)

   Ablative Absolute

  Indirect Statement

Subjunctive - Overview

'CUM' Clauses

Purpose Clauses

Indirect Command

Result Clauses

Indirect Question

Fearing Clauses

Independent Uses of the Subjunctive

 Conditional Sentences

 Gerunds & Gerundives